About the Journal

The JCLD publishes scholarly articles that examine how either character or leadership are developed independently or together in young adults including theory, education, curriculum development, and developmental programs.  The journal includes conversations with leaders and other accomplished professionals that bring unique insights and perspectives.  Original Research (quantitative, qualitative, reviews), Programs (innovations, brief reports), Personal Perspectives, and Letters to the Editor are welcome.  The journal encourages submissions that relate to different stages of development as those stages impact young adult development. 

JCLD content is written to appeal to a broad range of readers including the academic community, undergraduates at military academies (cadets), military leaders, and others concerned with character and leadership development.  The ideas presented in JCLD articles should be presented in jargon-free language. Authors should strive for a writing style that is clear and readable by our broad audience.  Citations for all quotations, borrowed ideas, and/or paraphrases are required, however, incorporating attributions into the text when possible is preferred to improve the flow for readability. 

Mission Statement

The Journal of Character & Leadership Development (JCLD) is the leading publication dedicated to the research, measurement, understanding and application of character and leadership development. 


This is accomplished through the publication of scholarly articles that examine how character and leadership are developed and implemented into curriculum, education, training and developmental programs.  While predominantly focused on leaders at the start of their professional careers, the scholarship published in the JCLD is relevant to leaders at all levels and across all professions.  Scholarly articles will focus on peer reviewed research studies (quantitative, qualitative, theoretical development), program development and evaluation, insights from current leaders as well as invited articles by leading scholars in the fields of character and leadership.


The aim of the JCLD is to stimulate and advance the scholarship of character and leadership development through submissions from all disciplinary perspectives and organizations that contribute to the knowledge of how character and leadership are effectively developed.