Developing the Warrior Ethos


  • Andrew Ledford U.S. Naval Academy
  • Celeste Raver Luning U.S. Naval Academy


An ethos is an essential element of the warrior culture that distinguishes the warrior from a murderer,
killer, or vigilante. The ethos requires trusted members of the group to codify what are the standards of
behavior for the group to live and, if necessary, die by. The first part of this article examines the process
the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams took in 2005 to develop the SEAL Ethos for those already within the warrior
culture. The second part of the article explores the development of a warrior ethos at the U.S. Naval
Academy for those at the very beginning of their journey to join a warrior culture. While the first part
provides the process for developing the code, the second part delivers an example of how that ethos
is instilled.


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