Vol. 9 No. 1 (2022): Spring 2022

In this Issue of the JCLD, you will notice two distinct parts. In the first part, there are several articles focusing on the USAFA Leader of Character (LoC) Framework. These articles are designed to explain what each of the three areas of the framework means: Living Honorably, Lifting Others, and Elevating Performance. Each article is a deep dive for those who want to understand how to develop specific habits and behaviors of a leader of character. While focused for those at USAFA, all leaders can learn from these articles regardless of your domain. In the second part, we continue our annual connection to the National Character & Leadership Symposium (NCLS)2 held every February at the United States Air Force Academy. NCLS is a multi-day, intentionally focused symposium on character and leadership. It brings together a wide range of local, national, and international leaders around a particular theme. The theme lines up with one of USAFA’s organizational outcomes. This year’s theme was ethics and respect for human dignity.


Published: 2022-04-19