Vol. 7 No. 2 (2020): Summer 2020

As previously mentioned this issue of the JCLD is organized around the four strategic goals of USAFA. Several articles have been included that address each of the goals. The articles are not intended to be a complete coverage of each the goals, as that would be difficult given their broad scope.

The first section addresses the goal of Developing Leaders of Character Committed to Service to our Nation.

The second section, Preparing for Future Conflict, addresses the goal of preparing leaders for conflict in the future. While there are trends that may indicate what future conflict may look like, it is really about cognitively and behaviorally preparing future leaders to be more comfortable in an uncertain and complex space.

The third strategic goal that is addressed in this issue is that of Fostering a Culture that Embraces Innovation, Fueled by Airmen. If we understand that the future environment will be continually changing, iterating, and advancing, we need Airmen who are able to innovate to be able to meet the future demand signals.

The fourth goal is focused on how we need to work in the future. Specifically, that we are able to Execute Operations in an Integrated, Accountable, and Agile Manner. With future problems requiring complex adaptive solutions, we need to work together in order to bring the full totality of our forces to bear at a time and place of our choosing.



Published: 2022-06-15